Champlain College Montreal


THE Purpose

Who I Am

My name is Leonardo Robles Gonzalez.

Who I Am

I am a fourth year Game Design student at Champlain College, specializing in UI/UX and music. With a strong sense of leadership, I have an interest in production based roles, and enjoy bringing people together.

I wanted people to make games


Having been a part of multiple teams throughout my time at Champlain College, I wanted to see how games are developed through a new lens.

In order to do so while also building up my organization skills (along with photography, web design, and video editing), I figured that the best way to go about this was with organizing and documenting my own game jam!

I wanted to bring my peers together

bring my peers together

During the second semester of our second year at Champlain, we took the Production I class which let us work with each other in teams. In our semester abroad in Montreal, there were no production-based classes, with Production II happening the following semester.

To keep the spirit of teamwork going, I wanted to add another chance to make games before Production II.

I wanted us to explore montreal

Explore Montreal

My peers and I were only in Montreal for one semester; as soon as mid-December hit, we went on our way back to the United States.

I wanted to fuse the idea of Montreal with the Game Jam to make us truly get out there and enjoy the city.