365 Days of Hearthstone | The Beginning

Towards the end of 2018, I got the idea of making a Hearthstone card every day for 2019; as a Game Designer and an avid fan of Hearthstone, I wanted to put my creativity to the test day after day. So, for the next 365 days (well, a little bit less since I'm uploading this a bit late), a couple of my friends and I have put ourselves to the challenge of designing a new Hearthstone card every day, each day with a new theme randomly selected from a list of 365 unique themes!

As for this blog, I'm going to be making weekly round-ups of the cards I make week by week rather than making a new post every single day. But if you do want to check out my cards as they're being made, you can check out my post on Reddit that I'll be updating daily with posts I make to r/CustomHearthstone or follow me on Twitter to see the cards every day on your feed.

On top of that, I highly encourage you to check out the cards being made by my friends!

Here's to a new year full of ideas and (hopefully balanced) cards!

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