365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 10 Roundup

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 62 | Agent of Truesilver

A 4-Mana card for Paladin

"Justice waits..."


I toyed around a lot with a bunch of different ideas for today's theme; one had an overkill effect that healed itself and its target, one played with the rope mechanic, and then there were others that I didn't fully flesh out. But as I was started to get tired of making ideas I didn't like, I found this artwork and thought of making a Paladin card with stealth. The next step of my thought process was seeing how the theme was 4-mana and looking at how Truesilver Champion is 4-mana. And, well, I imagine you can see how those two are connected! Originally, I had the minion as a 2/4 statline, but having a positive effect with more health than attack can really be a detriment to the experience for the opponent since it could be straight up impossible to remove for some decks. And with this statline, it is more consistent with the theme around Truesilver Champion.


The card went over pretty alright! The only feedback was that Stealth felt like more of a Rogue-only mechanic, but I think because other classes have received Stealth minions, it's fine to let Palading have a run at the mechanic.

Day 63 | Ellie, Queen of Cards

A Rogue card involving Combo

"Keep playing if you'd like, but I've already won."


For whatever reason, my initial thought with this theme was to make a Hero Power that involved combo. And on top of that, from the very beginning I was dead-set on having it be what the Hero Power currently is: a Passive Hero Power where your cards have "Combo: Draw a card". From there, it was just balancing out the rest of the card. Because of how the Hero Power essentially turns any set of cards into a hand viable for a Miracle Rogue deck, I wanted to see if I could have it discard your entire hand to eliminate being able to benefit from first playing this. With this effect in mind, I took a look at both Cataclysm and more importantly Astral Communion for the power level; Astral Communion is more related to this card since they both have a benefit in the long-term, not initially like Cataclysm. I toyed around with making the card cost less, but no matter what, it didn't really feel right with me since the opponent would have to wait a turn to really do anything. So then I added the Ace in the Sleeve, which if you swing with it as soon as you can, gives you two cards next turn to play with, and if you're able to play them both at the same time, you can start rummaging through your deck!


People really liked this card! They thought the interactions it would create are unique and the card itself was full of flavor, but there was concern that the card might be too strong. Paired with something like Academic Espionage, the card could create way too much value. It's also more usable than Myra's Unstable Element, since it doesn't immediately get rid of your deck but does so over time. I do think because of how strong the card is, a simple change like making it cost 6-mana instead of 5-mana is a good change.

Day 64 | Dragonsoul Beacon

Artwork found by Dakota #7

Dragons, much like bugs, LOVE flying at bright lights.


The part of this artwork that really drew me in was how the dragons were circling the bright light. Initially, I thought it was just a pillar of flame, but it turns out its a glowing tree, which I didn't realize until after I designed the card, but honestly it looks enough like the pillar of flame that I'm going to hope it sort of flies under the radar. Anyways, this card operates very similarly to Flame Lance, but for 1 more mana it gets 1 more damage. On top of that, it has the upside of potentially summoning a minion, which can be compared to Baited Arrow; in some cases it is a 6-mana 5/5 that deals 4 damage, which is very close to how Baited Arrow is sometimes a 5-mana 5/5 that deals 2 damage. The effect works similarly to Spirit of the Tiger, where the minion is spawns has custom stats completely based off of the condition met!


People liked the idea of the card, but the balance was just a little bit too strong. Removing a minion and gaining a body on board at the same time is very strong, so trying to compare the damage output for mana spent to Flame Lance wasn't very justified on my part. On top of this, some people pointed out that the card shouldn't have Overkill because of how Blizzard has stated that Overkill is a binary effect and doesn't take into account the excess damage. I do see the point, but I disagree with how people are interpreting that; the distinction Blizzard made was, in my eyes, to make sure people realize it only happens once and not for every single excess damage. But if there is an effect with excess damage in mind, then it makes sense to have Overkill on there because those two are linked. Either way, I do think the card needs to be a little weaker so it isn't an auto-include in most non aggressive Mage decks, so I'm changing the damage from 9 to 8.

Day 65 | UFOtem

A 1-Mana card for Shaman

Who knows what could be insi- oh, wait, it's just more totems.


I love Shaman, and with that, I love totems too! I went into today's theme thinking about how I could make something cool with totems; my original idea was a weapon that would give a totem +1 Attack, but that seemed too boring and simple for me. As I was looking for art, I found this amazing rocket ship totem, and build my card around that. At first, it had a Deathrattle that Recruited a totem, but someone in our Discord pointed out that totems don't really have Deathrattles and instead have effects based around the end of your turn. This effect then changed to Recruiting a totem at the end of your turn with a 0/1 body on the UFOtem, but with cards like Totem Golem or even Mana Tide Totem, it never really gave the opponent the chance to respond to a very powerful turn 1 play. By moving the effect to the start of your turn, it becomes much more manageable from the opponent's side while still hopefully giving the player room to play around with and include Totems in their deck!


People liked the idea of the card, but the balance was completely out of whack. Looking back, I do agree that I looked over a LOT of things when designing the card; I had completely omitted Nightmare Amalgam as a totem, and even still, Totem Golem and Mana Tide Totem are both incredibly swingy if they get out on turn 1. Because of this, I decided to remake the card while still keeping the UFO/totem feeling of summoning totems to it by making it summon basic totems (oh, and it also now has 2 health instead of 3).

Day 66 | Traffic Enforcer

A card involving Freeze that isn't for Mage or Shaman

And he wonders why he's never invited to Tavern Brawls.


The reason why today's theme was made was to try to create freeze cards outside of classes who have the freeze mechanic as one of their identities (yes, freeze Shaman isn't good, but it is technically a subdivision of Shaman). At first, I wanted to make a weapon that would freeze your hero, but someone in our Discord posted a better card following the same idea, so I ditched the idea as a whole. Going off of this, I wanted to make a Neutral card with freeze, but due to my lack of knowledge about Warcraft lore, I didn't know what to make that could fit all classes within the Hearthstone theme. So I then thought of making a card around the idea of a police officer saying "Freeze!", which would fit perfectly as a Neutral card since no class has cops as a part of their identity. In terms of the actual effect, I figured having it freeze minions that have more attack than it is almost like trying to maintain a speed limit that it itself is going at!


People really liked both the effect and the flavor of the card! There's not much else to say to be honest.

Day 67 | Totemic Balance // Lucky Frog Legs // Snowball Effect

A Secret for a class that currently doesn't have Secrets

Secret Totems, secret frogs, and secret ice - oh my!


For today's theme, I wanted to make a Shaman secret simply because I love Shaman more than any other class. But the weird thing about today's theme is that making only one secret for a class that doesn't have secrets means there is nothing to play against; if they only have one secret, it will only ever be that secret. So, I decided to make these three secrets! I chose to have these three different triggers after looking at how the Rogue secrets handled triggers. All of the Rogue secrets can all be activated when a minion attacks, but they all have different prerequisites that either narrow down or broaden the activation parameters. For these three secrets, they are all triggered when the opponent plays a card, but vary in terms of what type of card and with an additional parameter. Totemic Balance is a card that works very nicely with Windshear Stormcaller, but because it activates during your opponent's turn, the opponent has a chance to negate some of the Totems you spawned. Lucky Frog Legs went through multiple iterations, but the current version is essentially a discounted Hex with less control. Snowball Effect is both a good card to support Freeze shaman and to counter aggressive decks.


While these cards did not get that much attention, the people that did see it did like it. The most liked of the three was Lucky Frog Legs, with Snowball Effect as an honorable mention.

Day 68 | Crypt Shovel

A 4-Mana card for Rogue

Rogues are here to prove shovels aren't only for knights.


The one deck I'm having the most fun with right now is big Rogue in the wild format, and I wanted to make a card that could help that deck out! Because of how a lot of the cards in that deck have deathrattles or play around with deathrattles, I had the idea of making a weapon that would play around with deathrattles. The idea of equipping a Rogue with a grave robber's shovel hit me, and I stuck with the idea after that. Ideally, this card would want to land on something like Kobold Illusionist or Silver Vanguard since those minions are only valued for their effect and not their stats (discarding Sneed's Old Shredder could be a good thing, but the large body of the minion is also a pretty nice thing to have).


People liked the effect of this card, but many people thought that discard as a mechanic is something that should be Warlock-only. I disagree with this in the case of classes having few discard cards; for example, Druid has Astral Communion, Hunter has Tracking, Mage has Book of Specters, and Neutral has a couple with the highlight being Deathwing. It is fine in my eyes to give classes one discard card, since it is a big part of the Warlock identity but not exclusive to that class.

Sadly, because the amount of work my friends and I are doing for school, many of them are unable to create cards daily and I am unable to follow which ones are being made from them. Because of this, I will no longer be highlighting the cards they are making every week. But either way, I definitely think you should know who I am doing this challenge with: Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman.

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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