365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 21 Roundup

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 139 | Throwing Knife

A Weapon for Rogue

These are only for the most hardcore fans of knives.


We've had minions and spells with Echo, and I've already designed a Hero card with Echo. The only thing missing is to make a weapon with Echo, and with today's theme forcing a weapon to be made, it's the perfect time to do so! The best idea I had for a weapon that can be repeatedly cast is a throwing knife; as evidenced through the art of Fan of Knives, you can't just throw one knife. By having the deathrattle of the card deal the damage of the knife itself, it mimics if you were throwing the knife. The only issue with this card right now is using it in conjunction with Blackwater Pirate, which allows for a free board clear. To remedy this, I would propose changing that card to say "Your weapons cost (2) less, but no less than (1)", similar to how Dreadsteed was changed when Defile was released.


People loved the concept and the flavor of the card a lot, but like I mentioned before, problems arise with the existence of Blackwater Pirate. I think this card is well balanced asides from comboing it with that, so the change to Blackwater Pirate is necessary in order to let this card ever be printed.

Day 140 | Blood Manifest

A card that draws cards

All it takes is one drop of blood to make a demon come running.


Tutored card draw is exceptionally strong given the right power level for the card and the right conditions being met. Tutoring is technically both an upside and a downside; as evidenced through Ice Fishing, 2 mana to draw 2 cards is insane, but you have to build a deck with Murlocs in it. That being said, having those Murlocs obviously means your deck will have a bunch of synergies, so it's a nice balance of power. Anyways, this card has some interesting applications. By throwing it in an aggressive deck, you could use it to fish for Flame Imp on turn one in exchange for sacrificing just one health. Or, you could use it in a big demon deck and ensure you draw something like Voidlord or even Mal'Ganis!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 141 | Cavern Hoarder

An Epic card for Warrior

"Greed for ALL!"


Slightly inspired by my card from yesterday, I thought it would be cool to make a card that does something based on the cost of another card. Initially, I wanted the card to be a 2-mana spell that would draw you a card and give you armor based on the cost of the card drawn, but it was too similar to Shield Block and wasn't really an Epic-worthy effect. So instead, I had the same effect but the opponent draws a card! And by attaching it to a minion, it makes the card feel more enticing to play. Initially, the minion was a 3-mana 3/4, but that seemed just a bit too weak. By changing it to the statline it is now, it is just enough overstatted to warrant the slight downside!


People liked the implications and the design of the card! The upsides and downsides of the card were all balanced with each other according to most people, and there was minimal concern about it being overstatted for what you pay for.

Day 142 | Undead Benefactory

A card involving Deathrattle

"I like death; I share with you!"


Deathrattles are one of the classic keywords of Hearthstone; with cards like Sylvanas Windrunner being so strong that it got moved to the Hall of Fame, there's no doubt at the power level of some Deathrattle effects. But at the same time, some of those effects are purposefully bad to make up for having a good minion. One recent example is Hench-Clan Shadequill, with a big body and a heal for the opponent upon death. But what if you could get that healing instead? Then you would just have a minion with a big body and an upside! But because this card is so frail, it might be difficult finding a spot in the meta for it. Regardless, there's always the potential for combos when this exists.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 143 | EVIL Manager Zli'Thul

A card involving Lackeys

"You can't be an EVIL organization without being organized."


Lackeys are great and all, but the biggest problem I have with is the randomness. Of course, this is a part of their design since they're all incredibly powerful and getting a random one is almost always a good thing no matter what. But I wanted to try to give some order to Lackeys, and I'm doing so through EVIL Manager Zli'Thul! First of all, this is the only card so far where you actually get to Discover a Lackey. But on top of that, the decision will affect all future Lackeys for the rest of the game. This would be super consistent if there was only 3 Lackeys, but there are 5, making the power level of this card much like Sir Finley Mrrgglton! It could still set up for some nice combos if you do get the Lackey that you want though!


There were concerns that this card would be too strong in an aggressive deck, but I personally don't think it would be an issue. This card is costly enough that it would plug up a substantial part of an aggressive deck's turn, and even when it is played there is a huge tempo loss which you would need a ton of value to make up. I could be wrong, but I definitely don't feel as if this card would cause a lot of issues.

Day 144 | Pagle Trout

A card with a 50% Chance effect

All that waiting and fishing has finally paid off.


We all know and love Nat Pagle, who's always fishing but is never getting included in a deck. Despite that, I really like his design from a flavor perspective! For today's theme, I decided to take that theme and run with it, combining a similar draw trigger from one of my favorite cards Aranasi Broodmother. Originally I had this minion statted as a 2/2, but that seemed a touch too strong, since a 2-mana 2/2 with this same effect attached to a Battlecry would definitely see play. The thing is, with this effect, you don't actually need to spend the mana to get the effect to trigger! For that reason, I think a 1/2 statline is fine, since otherwise it would be too consistent to be healthy for the game.


As it turns out, the original statline I had was better than what I ended up using! That being said, people thought the best statline would be a 1-mana 1/1, since that's reasonable for its mana cost but is still really weak since it's a basic body for a 1-mana minion. This way, the card won't feel horrible when the 50% chance doesn't trigger but is still fine when you do get the bonus card draw.

Day 145 | Graveyard Boogie

A 9-Mana card for Priest

It's close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the d- oh wait, they're all dead again.


I had a hard time thinking of something interesting for today's theme; whether it was me not being inspired today or the fact that high cost cards are just harder for me to design, I was just not having it. But after a while, I thought of this card! This is essentially just meant to get you more Deathrattle synergies, such as comboing it with Coffin Crasher to get some big dudes out of your hand!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sadly, because the amount of work my friends and I are doing for school, many of them are unable to create cards daily and I am unable to follow which ones are being made from them. Because of this, I will no longer be highlighting the cards they are making every week. But either way, I definitely think you should know who I am doing this challenge with: Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman.

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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