365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 27 Roundup

Updated: Jan 10

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 181 | Blazing Smog Soldier

Artwork found by Wes #13

"The polluted air of the city flows through me."


The most interesting part of this artwork to me was the mechanical arm that the person has. I initially wanted to make a weapon using that portion of the art, but I didn't feel inspired and everything I came up with was eh at best. So I transitioned into a minion, and using the weird smog-looking gasses in the background, I thought of having some sort of minion that changes when in the presence of a Mech. And so this card was born! Being able to deal 7 damage for 5 mana is technically worse than Flame Lance, but you do also have the chance of having a minion stick on the board with a high attack stat, therefore making it a pretty big threat.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 182 | Scarlet Toxwidow

A 7-Mana card for Hunter

She's waiting on her ancestry.com results to see if she's related to Maexxna.


Time and time again I find myself designing Hunter cards related to Secrets. The reason for this is probably because I think most Secret-interaction cards are just scraping the surface. It seems as if they're very basic; Lesser Emerald Spellstone just summons another 3/3 every time you play a Secret, and Sunreaver Spy just becomes bigger if you have a Secret. I tried to make something more interesting with today's theme, where I essentially made an upgraded version of Maexxna. On top of having both Stealth and Poisonous, making this a pretty good minion to play on its own, if you control a Secret after this attacks, it will gain Stealth again! Seeing as how Hunter struggles with having good control tools, a card that seems to be really good as a control tool might seem like a misfit in this class. But maybe this is the card that pushes that archetype to a good place!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 183 | Unstable Fel Scepter

Artwork found by Josh #5

If it belongs to a Warlock and it's green, its GOTTA be Fel-related.


Once again, instead of focusing on the character in the artwork, I focused on the weapon! Because of how the crystals in the weapon are green, and because the character has really evil look wings, I knew I had to make a weapon for Warlock. By combining Demon synergy with the effect of Spreading Madness, this weapon lives up to its name in being truly unstable. The effect gets better with more enemy characters on the battlefield, but it still risks hitting your own board or your own hero. That being said, you could totally combo this card with something like Duskbat after you damage your own face!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 184 | Shadelight Vindicator

A card that interacts with Paladin's Hero Power effect

"Your redemption comes after death!"


There's actually been a fair-share of Silver Hand Recruit synergy cards printed in the past. Lightfused Stegodon Adapts them when you play it, Warhorse Trainer gives them +1 Attack, and Steward of Darkshire gives them Divine Shield when they're summoned. All of these effects are buffs, and I felt like going along the same path of giving them buffs isn't a new idea. Instead, I made an effect for when a Silver Hand Recruit dies, specifically similar to Weasel Tunneler where you get to clog your opponent's deck with trash! This card is hard to make good use out of, since if you have a lot of Silver Hand Recruits, you might as well play something like Level Up! and kill the opponent rather than clog their deck. But in an instance where you do manage to clog up your opponent's deck, well then they're going to have a hard time actually doing anything productive against you.


People liked the idea of this card! The similarities with Weasel Tunneler were brought up, and it seemed like that was a deck idea that people would want to actually try out.

Day 185 | Tomb Rager

A card involving Reborn

He might not be cooler than Magma Rager, but he certainly is more dead.


While talking with my good friend of mine about the new expansion, I made a joke about a new Rager card with the Reborn effect; seeing as how Reborn creates a minion upon dying with 1 health, it feels almost too perfect of a chance to make a new Rager. After making this, I thought it would be a perfect time to have the daily theme for the challenge to be a card involving the Reborn effect, both so I could post this and so everyone else doing the challenge could get in on the hype for the new expansion and make a card with the new keyword! Anyways, this card would probably only ever see play in a deck that could Recruit low-level minions to avoid the Battlecry effect or a Priest deck that could heal this card back up to full health once it dies! In a way it's similar to Injured Blademaster but with the flavor of a Rager we all know and love.


This card did extremely well, to the point where as of right now it is my highest upvoted card on the r/CustomHearthstone subreddit! People praised how the card's initial impression was weak and very simple, where it was simply just a Magma Rager, but when paired with correct synergies like Oaken Summons and Jungle Giants, it becomes an incredibly strong minion. That being said, it doesn't seem to be strong to the point of being broken, so it's in a very good spot for deckbuilding. I guess if this card was printed, we would be seeing another playable Rager card asides from Faceless Rager!

Day 186 | Plague of Shadows

A Rare card for Rogue

And it was told that the shadows shall rise once more.


I'm really excited for the new expansion coming out soon, so making just one Uldum-themed card for yesterday's theme wasn't enough. I thought today's theme would be a nice way to make one of the Plague cards coming to the set, since it's confirmed that Rogue will be getting one. Because all of the Plague cards seem to be related to board clears in some way, and because I still have so much love for Dark Iron Skulker's effect, I thought making a Plague with a similar effect would be cool! Originally, I had the card at a higher mana cost and dealt more damage, but because Rogue isn't known for control decks, lowering the overall impact of the card seems like a good way to go.


While the card had a generally positive reception, it was brought up that one of Rogue's class identity weakness is being unable to deal with wide boards. In fact, Vanish was moved to the Hall of Fame recently because of this very contradiction. Because of this, bumping up the mana cost of this card to 2 seems more reasonable. It keeps the card in a somewhat strong state without it being exceptionally strong in a class that isn't known for good board clears.

Day 187 | Snarlroot

A Legendary card for Druid

Legend has it that Snarlroot was always picked last for sports teams.


Choose One effects are so core to Druid's identity, and so many cool ways of interacting with this mechanic have already been introduced through cards like Fandral Staghelm and Keeper Stelladris. I wanted to try my hand at making a cool Legendary that interacts with Choose One effects, and Snarlroot is what I came up with! Often times Choose One effects are very well balanced against each other, with each effect being extremely useful in different circumstances. Because of that, you sometimes don't pick an effect because the other effect is just bad, but because it wasn't what you were looking for at that time. So, this card allows for you to use the effects that you didn't pick on top of being attached to a 3/3 body! I had debated between making this a 2 or 4-mana minion, but at 2-mana it seems far too powerful when combined with things like Nourish or Dark Wispers, and at 4-mana it feels too slow to want to be included in a deck.


While the idea of the card's mechanic was well received, it was brought up by one user that perhaps the first line ("While this is in your hand") could be omitted from the card text by making the card actually have a Battlecry. For whatever reason, giving the card a Battlecry rather than giving it text that granted it a Battlecry never occurred to me... I guess I was just too connected to Flobbidinous Floop's carrd text. The change below would functionally be the same, but is worded more accurately and more concisely.

Sadly, because the amount of work my friends and I are doing for school, many of them are unable to create cards daily and I am unable to follow which ones are being made from them. Because of this, I will no longer be highlighting the cards they are making every week. But either way, I definitely think you should know who I am doing this challenge with: Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman.

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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