365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 34 Roundup

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 230 | Forgeborn

Artwork found by Wes #7

"Fight fire with fire!"


Now before anyone says anything, let's address the elephant in the room... yes, this is very strong with Twig of the World Tree. But because Twig has been moved to Wild, I think it is fine to design a card that can give Druid a weapon, especially because there is already a 5-mana card that gives you a weapon, that being Blingtron 3000. Anyways, this card doesn't seem anything noteworthy in constructed, but this could potentially give some nice value in Arena, especially because it's available to every single class!


People really liked this card! It was a nice and balanced way of bringing weapons to a neutral class. It's very similar to Sunreaver Warmage in that it deals 4 damage while being a 5-mana 4/4, but without a deck restriction and with a more restrictive way of dealing damage.

Day 231 | Keeper Osta

A card with a Choose effect for Druid

"The woods build up, and the woods break down."


I've been playing a ton of the Pokemon TCG recently, and there's actually quite a few cards in that game with a similar mechanic to the Choose One mechanic you would see in the Druid class. Because of this, I tried to create a card that was my best translation of the Pokemon TCG into Hearthstone; with Lillie being the main source of inspiration, I present Keeper Osta! The symmetrical effect originally started out as discarding cards from your opponent's hand until they have 6, but that could be too strong against combo decks, control decks, and the like. So instead, I tried to have all of the numbers on the card all line up nicely: 4 attack, 5 health, 6 cards, 7 cards, 8 mana.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 232 | Survey the Stars

A Quest for any class

Don't ever call Luna's stargazing career a "hobby".


I was VERY excited for today's theme, which is unfortunate because I was stuck at work all day and had no time to post it until now. But regardless, I really wanted to make a cool quest for today's theme, and I think I managed to do that (or at least I hope). Eternal Stardust grants the player a baseline Spell Damage of 5, meaning cards like Fireball and Flame Lance are worse than before, BUT cards like Arcane Missiles and Shooting Star are much better. I think I would also say that if you played a Spell Damage minion on top of this Hero Power, you would gain extra spell damage past just 5! This way, any deck that runs this card can still make use of the cards they included just to complete the quest.


The idea of the card was liked, but it seems like there were mixed reactions to the power level of the card. In all honesty, I'm not quite sure if people thought if the card was too strong or too weak... But either way the card seemed to have a pretty positive reaction!

Day 233 | Poultry Bomber

A card involving Discard that isn't for Warlock

"Anyone order some chicken wings?"


What happens when Mad Bomber gets even madder? Ok, well what about getting more insane than Madder Bomber? I would say that strapping some dynamite to a chicken is pretty mad! To replicate the idea of a bomber dealing random damage with a chicken bomb, I had the card discard a 1-cost card, which is how much Angry Chicken costs, in order to deal 5 damage, which is the amount of attack an Angry Chicken gets in its effect. Because of how this effect only comes into play if you are holding a 1-cost card, I thought that giving it decent stats for its cost was fine! It also does mimic the Mad Bomber statline, so that's a plus.


The reception on this card was very good! People liked the humor behind it and also thought the card had its uses. There was some concern that the card might be a little bit too strong, but it didn't seem like a substantial amount of people thought so, so I think it's fine as-is.

Day 234 | Lesser Sacrifice

A 1-Mana card for Warlock

Don't worry, I promise it's just a Flame Imp.


With the theme for today being a 1-mana card, I wanted to think of a very small positive effect that could also be given a downside for a bigger positive effect. And with the recent addition of the Quest Supreme Archaeology all about drawing cards, I thought that a simple "draw a card" effect for 1-mana was perfect! So then the question was, how could I push this a bit further to be more interesting than just drawing a card? I decided to theme it around some sort of demonic sacrifice, where if the card you drew was a Demon, you would get an additional burst of cards, similar in part to Roll the Bones with Deathrattle cards. The difference between that card and this one is that you are spending less mana for the same bare minimum, but the ceiling of value is much higher with Roll the Bones. Not only that, but the additional upside of this card also comes with the downside of discarding the Demon, which you could turn on its head by using a card like Soulwarden to get the card back!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 235 | Brokenbark Elder

A 7-Mana card for Druid

"Through dying roots we are connected."


And here we have yet another attempt at making Treant Druid more viable! This card is similar to Bolvar Fordragon but also gains Health instead of only attack. The tradeoff is that the initial body is a lot smaller, but seeing as this isn't a Legendary minion I think it's a fair tradeoff. Also, seeing as how Bolvar was never really played in a deck, I was debating making the buff +2/+2, but I felt that might be a tad too strong... what are your thoughts?


When comparing this card to Ironbark Protector, like one of the users that commented on this card did, it seems rather weak, especially because this is trying to push an archetype that isn't that strong. Because of that, I changed the text of the card to give the minion +2/+2 instead of +1/+1, which would make the card ramp out a lot more than before!

Day 236 | Frostwood Caretaker

Artwork found by Leo #3

Not a lot of people know that King Krush was raised by a giant raccoon.


One thing about me is that I LOVE raccoons, so much so that I had to make at least one of the artwork themes I picked out have a raccoon in it. Today just so happens to be the day where we use this art! Because of how large the raccoon is, and because there are some smaller raccoons on top of it, I figured giving it some sort of nurturing vibe would fit really well. The way I interpreted that is that upon dying, it calls forth the beast that it was taking care of right out of your deck! Even if this card doesn't land on any minion, it does draw you 3 cards to make up for it.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sadly, because the amount of work my friends and I are doing for school, many of them are unable to create cards daily and I am unable to follow which ones are being made from them. Because of this, I will no longer be highlighting the cards they are making every week. But either way, I definitely think you should know who I am doing this challenge with: Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman.

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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