365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 6 Roundup

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 34 | Vodax the Firesworn

A 4-Mana card for Warrior

"Through blood and fire, my army will rise!"


Despite over a month of the challenge being over, I still haven't made a Hero card. Well, that changes today; I figured making a low-cost Hero card at 4-mana would create something interesting, since all of the current Death Knights are among the higher echelon of mana cost. As an homage to the Enrage keyword, I created Vodax the Firesworn to give that now-dead keyword a fighting chance as a deck archetype. The hero power is also a fairly versatile one; you can use it to trigger the enrage effect on your minions and then trade up into something else (as an example, you could create a 5-mana 5/1 with Rush and Immune through Rabid Worgen) , or you could even use it to finish off a minion since 2 damage for 2-mana on a Hero Power is pretty nice. But you can't use it to start damaging an enemy minion, otherwise it'll just become Immune for the turn!


The idea and theme of the card was well received, but several people thought the card was far too powerful. At 4 mana, the effect needs to be a lot lower since this is essentially giving all your minions for the rest of the game +2 Attack with access to temporary Immunity with the Hero Power. I have 2 changes for this card: first, I think lowering the effect to giving friendly minions +1 Attack is still strong since it will impact the rest of the game, but won't be too oppressive.

On top of that, the Hero Power is too versatile. Being able to target enemy minions gives the player an extra method of removal without interacting with the effect of the Vodax. Now, you can only target not only friendly minions, but also friendly characters so that you can give your Hero Immunity at the cost of 2 damage.

Day 35 | Failed Experiment

A card with an effect While Damaged

It's not my fault; the summoning portal didn't come with instructions!


I really like discard Warlock as a deck, and I think the reason I tend to make Warlock cards that involve discard mechanics is because I want that deck to get better. The reason that deck usually doesn't do well is because those cards tend to be focused a lot towards that archetype and are only really used to achieve the goal of Lakkari Sacrifice. But perhaps this card can do both; if it isn't damaged, it's objectively an amazing minion. But once it gets damaged, you will be losing at least 1 card since you draw one at the start of your turn. That might be enough of a downside to warrant getting in one face hit of 7 damage for 4-mana with the potential of getting more. But where the card gets interesting is that it essentially shuts down your own hero power and any card that would draw you cards, which is important in an aggressive deck. If the opponent can find a way to stop this minion from hitting their face, such as with Freeze effects or Taunts, then the card becomes a gigantic hindrance.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 36 | Spectre For Hire

A 1-Mana minion with a 2/3 Statline

"Euughh... I hate this job..."


I've always liked the idea of cards with Deathrattles that can only trigger on the opponent's turn, but none of them ever really made it into any deck lists. I feel like the issue with cards like these is that they are under-statted to begin with and then have an upside with their effect, but that means you have to put in extra effort to make the opponent want to kill it to get the effect. With Spectre For Hire, it's over-statted and has an upside that would greatly benefit the opponent, but will potentially go on forever!


The card had an interesting reception. People liked the idea, but it was pointed out that it would probably not be printed due to how confusing and difficult it is to evaluate. The card also did serve as a way to mess up Big Priest's resurrection effects, which can be considered an upside due to how powerful and one-sided that deck can be!

Day 37 | Surplus Manager

A card that interacts with Rogue's Hero Power effect

You know what they say; 'A pirate's facial hair is only as organized as their work ethic'.


This theme was especially difficult; when I created the list of themes, I took a look at how Mage had cards that interacted with their Hero Power such as Spirit of the Dragonhawk and wanted to see if all the other classes could pull it off. With Rogue, there's really only been one card printed so far that is in a similar vein: Poisoned Blade. So, I took a look at Poisoned Blade and it inspired me to make Surplus Manager! I'll be completely honest in saying that I'm not sure what functionality the card may have in a deck, but it could be used to drain more value out of a card like Obsidian Shard. I think for now this card needs more support to truly make it into an actual viable deck, but the idea is there!


People enjoyed the effect of the card a lot! One person pointed out that the card may be understatted, but I think the statline is fine for its effect. Another person pointed out that it does help with a Kingsbane Rogue deck, since it can reset Kingsbane any turn it is on the field. I do agree that this is powerful, but I do not think it would break the deck at all.

Day 38 | Void Compulsion

A card involving Battlecry

The Void calls. And it wants to know if your refrigerator is running.


Today's theme was extremely open ended (which in all honesty is nice considering how difficult yesterday's theme was). I pushed myself to do something that wasn't just a minion with a Battlecry; there was so much more that could be done. And I have always liked exploring the idea of messing with your opponent. Just how far can that envelope be pushed before it is no longer fun or interactive for them? Cards like Gnomeferatu and Demonic Project are ones along that envelope, and I would consider this card to be in the same vein. While this card is nowhere near as strong in my eyes, it could mess with the order in which your opponent plays cards. It could also be used to lock down their turns when they have lower health. How can someone play a full OTK combo when they'll just be hitting themselves for 8 damage while at 5 health?


One person brought up that this card would not see play just like how Sinister Strike doesn't see play. While this card is balanced correctly, since for the chance that you don't get the damage in it deals 1 more damage, it does not have enough of an impact to really do anything. I would agree, but bringing the damage up to 5 would make the card far too oppressive in my eyes; it essentially becomes a 2 mana Pyroblast if the effect does go off. I like where the card is right now, even if it is not powerful!

Day 39 | Woodland Dreamer

A 7-Mana Neutral card

He dreams of the Turmaculus, and it dreams of him...


This card is an idea I've had for a while; I was partially inspired by the "dream"-like themes of Laughing Sister, but also wanted to make some sort of strange 0 Attack minion. Woodland Dreamer is a card that, purposefully isn't meant to be super strong, but could be potentially used in some strange OTK deck. Imagine a world where you run this, Meat Wagon, Abusive Seargent, Windspeaker and Void Ripper.... Woaaaaahhhh! Probably not amazing, but hey, I think it would be fun to try!


The combo I talked about may actually be pretty strong; the card was not received entirely well and many people pointed out similar combos in the comment of the post. Because of how much health it has, it makes an OTK combo very possible to do, and since the opponent can't target it with spells, it makes it more difficult to remove. Because of this, I feel like lowering the health to 13 would still make that combo an interesting deck, but would make it less oppressive.

Day 40 | Unidentified Seeds

A 5-Mana card for Druid

Whatever seeds you like, we got 'em! ... or at least 4 of 'em!


I had the idea of making an Unidentified card for today (which, considering how much school work I need to get done right now, was probably not the best call) that also played with the idea of the Choose One effect. Initially, I had thought of making one of the "Choose One" effects give you Mana, but that would either be infringing on pre-nerf Nourish or just being unplayable. So then I thought of making the bonus effect in your hand play off of both Choose One effects, and voila! Now, because both choices deal with minions, the bonus effect makes more sense. And in terms of balance, you can either get the effect immediately on the board OR have it affect the minions you are drawing!


Many people liked the idea of the card, and thought that it was fairly balanced! Multiple people did point out that there was too much text on the card, and while I agree, lowering it would cause inconsistencies with other cards. Notably, Unidentified cards have their "Gains a bonus effect in your hand" text on a separate line from everything else. It might be worth it to lower the card text, but either way the balance and idea of the cards is solid!

Now, for each weekly post, I also want to highlight my favorite cards from my friends Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman for the week! Note: Due to how some of my friends haven't created cards yet, I will only be highlighting cards from those that have made cards since I can't have a favorite from an incomplete pool of cards!

My favorite by Dakota | Silver Hand

A card involving Battlecry

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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