365 Days of Hearthstone | Week 9 Roundup

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Same drill as always: post the card, talk about my thought process, and look at any feedback I received from my posts on r/CustomHearthstone. Oh, and if you would like to join in on the fun of this challenge or even just want to draw inspiration from our daily themes as they are happening, hop in our Discord server!

Now without further ado, let's take a look at my cards for this week!

Day 55 | Crazed Reflection

A 5-Mana card for Priest

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the craziest of them all?


My first idea for today's card was to make a card that would force the opponent's left-most and right-most minions to attack each other. While I still think this idea is cool, I could not for the life of me find a good name for the card, let alone good art. The best thing I came up with was the name 'Crazed Reflection', which I didn't think even fit that well at all. But I liked the name a lot, so I started to think of how to make something off of the name. And thus, this card was brought about: playing with the idea of a reflection, you summon a copy of an enemy minion. And then, the crazy part of it is that it instantly attacks the enemy minion you chose to copy. This card is very similar in power level to something like Assasinate, where on average you will just be killing an enemy minion. But if you play this on a minion with a strong deathrattle, or even on a minion with less attack than health and a very powerful effect, you can really juice the value out of the card!


People really liked Crazed Reflection! The only thing brought up about a potential change is bumping it down to 4-mana, but even then the people that brought that up said it was perfectly fine at 4 or 5 mana. Because of this, I'll refrain from making any changes since I agree that it could be either/or.

Day 56 | Carnival Queen Maeva

A Hero card with a Passive Hero Power

"Welcome to the show... Take a seat and enjoy the thrills!"


One strategy I use when I try to find inspiration for cards is I take a look at the pre-existing mechanics and themes that interest me. For whatever reason, the first thing that I thought of for this theme was making something to synergize with cards like Augmented Elekk or Academic Espionage. So then I came up with the idea for Carnival Queen Maeva! The card also doubles as a better Psychic Scream in that you shuffle every minion into your own deck while also spawning 1/1 copies of every minion shuffled, but because it's a Legendary and because Rogue doesn't really have all the support necessary to build a heavily controlling deck, the card seems fairly balanced to me. I do feel that this card can and does push that control/value Rogue archetype, which is an idea I am very open to since I love those types of decks!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 57 | Party Dragon

A card involving Discover

"It's the thing you've always wanted, right!?"


One of my favorite things to do when designing Hearthstone cards is to play around with your opponent's stuff, whether that be gaining a benefit from it, simply knowing what they have, or influencing their own deck. For today's theme, I wanted to play with this theme, and I thought it would be cool to make a card that Discovers a card from your opponent's cards, but you then give it to them. At first, the idea was to have it discover a card in the opponent's hand, but this gave you the information on three cards they were holding. I transitioned the idea to be cards from their deck for two reasons: a) it eliminates the hand-peeking aspect of the card while still giving you information on what they might be playing, and b) it fits better with the theme of the card since the dragon is getting them a present of something they don't have yet. Because all of this is a downside, where you're not only giving your opponent a card but a card that they purposefully put into their deck, I figured I should make the card have more stats than its mana cost usually warrants!


People REALLY loved this card! Many people said that it could totally be printed, since it has many small uses in one package. The gain in stats, the ability to investigate their deck, and the ability to play this against friends in order to pull off crazy combos can all be done with this card!

Day 58 | Glam Bomber

A 3-Mana Neutral card

"Ka-blam and ka-ching!"


Mad Bomber is one of my favorite cards in the game, to the point where I always try to pick it in Arena whenever it shows up. On top of that, I really liked how they basically made a big brother of it through Madder Bomber, and seeing as how there's a ton of 'bomber' goblins in the game, I wanted to take a swing at making my own! Originally, the card would deal 3 damage randomly split between minions and then give divine shield to any that survived, but that paired with Blood Knight could prove to be an issue. So I moved away from this idea and had this gain divine shield if anything dies instead. But that was still problematic since it only targeted minions; if the opponent had one minion with three health on the board and that's it, this would be a 3/2 with divine shield that deals 3 damage. Yikes. A simple change to have it hit any character gets rid of that, and even remains truer to the original Mad Bomber inspiration!


There was little to no feedback on this card, but it did receive quite a number of upvotes. I guess its just a simple card that people liked and nothing more!

Day 59 | Forbidden Chains

A card for the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion

Who in the world made these chains THIS heavy?


I adored the forbidden cards from the WotOG expansion, with a special shoutout to Forbidden Shaping as one of my favorite cards of all time. When this theme was pulled, I knew I had to try to make a forbidden card. Initially I had ideas for something called 'Forbidden Wish' as a Priest card, but I figured since they already have a forbidden card, there's no point in giving them another. So I moved onto my personal favorite class: Shaman. I wanted to play with the idea of Overloading your opponent by spending your mana, and the first pass of the card had it so both you and your opponent would Overload based on how much mana you spent. While this idea was cool, the downside could easily be circumvented by playing a card like Lava Shock or Eternal Sentinel. This roadblock got me thinking... the reason why the idea of Overloading your opponent is usually shunned is because the opponent has no control to being suddenly Overloaded. But with this iteration of Forbidden Chains, it is entirely up to your opponent to Overload themselves, and your job is to invest your own mana into the magnitude of the effect!


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 60 | Southshire Reverend

A Rare card for Priest

Some people think he's evil, but he's actually having a serious identity crisis.


Southshire Reverend might not seem extremely strong at first, but the implications of the card present quite a different view. 1 health minions usually aren't the best since they can just die to Mage, Druid, or Rogue's Hero Power and essentially all forms of damage, but when it appears to have 3 health, the opponent will be dissuaded from attacking into it. Additionally, most people don't usually attack into a Northshire Cleric unless they know it will die due to the power of its effect, so most people will be sending 3 damage into this to kill it. And if they are attacking into it with a minion that has 2 health in hopes of it surviving, they'll be surprised when it turns out it was actually a Southshire Reverend instead! And just to clarify: this minion appears like a Northshire Cleric, but will not draw you any cards when a minion is healed.


There was little to no feedback on this card. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 61 | Ice Mage Navodi

A Legendary card for Mage

"This power... its.. so cold..."


The original idea I had for Ice Mage Navodi was to freeze 2 cards in both player's hands, meaning that they would be unplayable for one turn after the initial freeze effect. While I did like this idea, it really didn't seem that interesting to me, so I instead reworked the idea into what it is now. I knew I wanted to be able to disrupt the opponent's deck by placing something on top of their deck in order to slow down their draw, and Freezing Potion fit that role almost perfectly. Because of the 3/3 statline on a 2-mana minion, there needs to be some sort of drawback, and the opponent could essentially just freeze Navodi in order to balance out his gain in stats. But if the opponent can deal with it in a different way, they now have a card that doesn't cost anything that they can use to freeze something in the future! I felt like it fit the theme perfectly because having 2 copies of this card in a deck would be very strong, so making it a 1-of sits very well with me.


People didn't really like the balance of this card. I had initially thought of making it a 2/3, but thought against it when people in the Discord said that it would be fine making it a 3/3 since it could technically be frozen for a turn, but the upside of denying the enemy's draw is way too strong. I also think that making a card that disrupts the opponent's draw like that as cheap as 2-mana might be too annoying for the opponent, so I've changed the card to cost 3-mana and bumped up its health to 4 to compensate for that.

Sadly, because the amount of work my friends and I are doing for school, many of them are unable to create cards daily and I am unable to follow which ones are being made from them. Because of this, I will no longer be highlighting the cards they are making every week. But either way, I definitely think you should know who I am doing this challenge with: Josh Grazda, Dakota Williams, Joe Siehl, and Wes Weitzman.

And that's all for this week; I'll see you all in 7 days!

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