Production II Dev Blog | Concept #3: Goblinworks

We at Double Food Night are proud to present the third prototype for our Production II class! The end-goal of this class is to develop a game within a team setting - working with designers, artists, programmers, and producers - by the end of the semester. The first three weeks of the class is to prototype three different ideas in order to crank out the best possible idea to go forth into the semester, especially because of Mid-Mortems, where teams will be cut!

So now, let me tell you about Goblinworks, the world's first ever arcane infusion company run entirely by goblins. Create supply lines, build structures, and defend against enemies in order to turn your plain old rocks into a massive profit!

The Idea

Before turning into Goblinworks, the company was focused entirely on mining rocks; there was literally nothing magical (or frankly interesting) about the company. But the world itself is on the contrary! Spellcasters exist, and by utilizing the power of runes, magic can be turned into incredibly powerful spells. That being said, once a rune is used to harness magic, it runs out of it's arcane capabilities and becomes an ordinary rock. Now, at your company, one of your workers ran into "The Arcane Seed" which is thought to have limitless magical power. Suddenly, a world running out of magic has become infinite, and it's all thanks to goblins! But you won't just change the world for free; by pivoting your company to fill rocks with magic and create runes, you can make a TON of money. But because of the weak reputation of goblins, many people think they can just storm into your cave and take The Arcane Seed by force. Well, to that you can build towers and train your worked with magic in order to defend your amazing new source of wealth!

The Execution

Once again, we decided to focus on a physical prototype to prove the concept and use a digital prototype to show progress being laid down in case we wish to move on with this project. One of my biggest tasks was to make a basic layout of the game to not only show off to other people how the game would function, but also for our team to look at to make sure we get it right. The Persistent Objects shown below are always existent in the game and are core to the game loop; mines produce rocks, the Arcane Seed is used to make rocks into runes, rune delivery boxes are needed to sell runes, and the enemy spawn is where, well, enemies spawn. Buildable Objects are things the player can place down; lines are paths that the player assigns to individual goblin employees to transport runes from place to place, towers are used to defend against enemies, infusers are used to give runes elemental attributes, and combiners are used to access different tiers of runes. This layout lets the player build their company the way they see fit, but the main interactions would be with balancing their resources: having enough runes to fight enemies, having enough goblins to transport runes around, and having enough gold to pay the goblins' salaries.

The physical prototype showed off all of these systems (along with some stretch goals like additional buildable structures, goblin upgrade tiers, and more fleshed out combat) in order to prove the idea of our game and see if people would want to play the ideal vertical slice.

We also had a very simple digital prototype that set down the basics of the grid system with placing down towers and the idea of gaining money over time. As of right now, there is not much to show, but trust me when I say that it exists!

The Result

The physical prototype was fun and engaging, but there was issues with some of the balancing. This should not be a problem right now, because our focus is not on balancing and is on the idea and core game loop. Both of these things were received well, so overall the core of the game is something worth pursuing!

And just like that, week 3 is over! Next week, I'll go over which game my team chose to pursue for presenting in our mid-mortem, which is in just one week. (Wow, that's so soon...)

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